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2-port 1-path VNA 300kHz - 1.3GHz for measurements on filters, RF lines and cables, antennas,... S21 and S11.



Calibration kit for TR1300/1, up to 1.5 GHz.



Full 2-port VNA 9 kHz - 4.5 GHz, S21 S11 S12 and S22 w/ +5 dBm out, 200,000 pts @ 70us/pt



Calibration kit, manual, up to 6 GHz.



Automatic calibration module, up to 6 GHz.



1-port Vector Reflectometer 1 MHz - 6 GHz, for measurements of RF line, antennas,... S11.

Vector Network Analyzers:


Compact and lightweight, perform as well as 'classic' VNA's, with all the same features and functions, including TDR and DTF. The ideal tool for on-site installations and maintenance.

And the S5045 VNA works with RFS's BCAT software for computer aided filter tuning.


<- click for demo software download

CMT TR13001.png
CMT N1.2.png
CMT S5065.png
CMT ACM2506_012_high-res2-450x350.png

$3,495 list,

offered at $3,400




$595 list,

offered at $550



$11,495 list,

offered at $10,990



$695 list,

offered at $650


$3,195 list,

offered at $3,150

$4,495 list,

offered at $4,400

Aaronia AG.png

Spectran V6

Compact Real-Time RF Spectrum Analyzer,

10 MHz to 8 GHz

RTBW 80 to 245 MHz

1 THz/s sweep speed: never miss any signals - especially intermittent ones!

Look at the RTSA software below:

Real Time RF Spectrum Analyzers:

Aaronia V6.tiff
Aaronia clip2.tiff
LadyBug logo black.png

LadyBug LB5908A

True RMS Average Power Sensor

1 MHz - 8 GHz (9 kHz optional)

-60 dBm to +26 dBm, 50 Ohm N-male (other optional)

USB 2.0 controlled, PMA-12 software included

Manufactured in Boise, Idaho, with 3-year warranty

CMT power cal with LadyBug.png

RF Power Sensors:

ENENSYS_Logo_White 801x209 JPG.jpg

RF Capture & Playback:

RF Catcher

Portable RF Capture & Playback supporting:
  - Compact RF Capture & Playback device and spectrum analyzer
  - Frequency range from 70 MHz up to 6 GHz
  - Record & Playback real-time RF bandwidth of up to 55 MHz
  - RF input + RF output
  - 1PPS, 10MHz, GPS inputs, Trigger output
  - USB3.0 (1 interface + 1 aux. power)

  - GPS Tracking

GSERTEL logo.png

Portable RF Capture:




*  portable with field replaceable battery

*  records 25MHz wide spectrum

*  50GB available internal memory

*  creates IQ files for use with RF signal generators

Also offers:

Bright 8" multitouch high resolution screen

3.3 GHz spectrum analyzer with waterfall display

ATSC 1.0, ATSC 3.0, DVB-S/2/2X, J.83/B, IP analyzer

Hexylon RF record.png


Includes free standard shipping for orders > $2,500.

Does not include applicable taxes.

New products, with standard or increased manufacturer warranty.

SOURCERER LLC terms and conditions of sale apply.

Request formal quote to confirm price.

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