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Belgian roots, Texas based.

40 years of experience in consultative sales and sales management of RF, microwave, audio, radio, TV and video Test & Measurement instruments, as well as TV broadcasting equipment, at your service.


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It is now 10 years ago that I started SOURCERER as your supplier for all good test and measurement instruments, aimed at the broadcast market. The credo for SOURCERER is to always support all customers as much as possible, before and after the sale.  To know the technology and the products, and recommend the best tools for your applications (and budget).

Putting the portfolio of product manufacturers together in 2014 was a serious challenge. Several suppliers were happy to sign me up, but sometimes I sensed disbelief and reluctance to sign an agreement with a one-man company called SOURCERER. The first companies to work with (and still do) were AVATEQ, Copper Mountain Technologies, DEKTEC, Phabrix, PROMAX and Triveni Digital.  Since then several others were added, always only after liking the instruments that they made. And yes, I'm still the only person 'working' at SOURCERER, so you can speak to the same person for technical information, pricing, ordering, shipping and (most importantly) support.  One number: 214-912-5007.

We offer free standard shipping for orders > $2,500.

We strive for the trifecta of Quality, Service and Price.

We are your SOURCE.



Sourcing products from the manufacturer to the user is what we do.

And a person doing the sourcing must therefore be a sourcerer.

We chose it as our business name because this job description also is indicative of our resourcefulness for our customers.

In fantasy a sorcerer or sourcerer is defined as a wizard-squared, a creator or a source of magic, that wizards then are able to use.

So we aim to have unlimited power to create and offer you the optimal technical tools for your RF, TV, video, headend and broadcast test & measurement applications.

Also our son, Dennis, is the author of an ongoing series of LitRPG fantasy novels, "Artorian's Archives" which can be obtained from



What's up with that twirling shape?

SOURCERER uses this conspicuously simple plastic object as a token of unconventional thinking - ask to receive one!

This canoe-like object seems to defy the first law of thermodynamics, in particular the conservation of angular momentum.

When put into motion on a smooth surface, it will happily spin counterclockwise, but a clockwise spin is quickly reversed - to everyone's surprise.

And of course, it is kind of magic, and very SOURCERER worthy.


Yes, SOURCERER is a small company.  But we conduct an honest business:

We know our products and the technology market that we work in.

We offer quality products with the standard manufacturer's warranty.

We are dedicated to our customers and earn their respect with every sale - have a look at our reference list on the next page.

Our pricing is fair, and we offer free advice, as well as free standard shipping for orders > $2,500.

We deliver what we promise, no exceptions.

And we always support our customers with any product or technical support they might need, before, during or after the sale.

We do strive for the trifecta of Quality, Service and Price.

SOURCERER, LLC is financially healthy, and we pay all our bills every month.

Our D&B (D-U-N-S) number is 03-966-7622.  Yet, as we are small, there is only a minimum of information on SOURCERER in their files.

Our track record with suppliers and customers is flawless.

Nevertheless, let us know if you would have any concerns or questions before you want to do business with us!


ATSC, ATSC 3.0 Test Receivers, Monitors, Analyzers & Generators

ATSC, ATSC 3.0 & DVB-S/S2/S2X RF Monitoring Receivers & Analyzers
ATSC, ATSC 3.0, QAM, IPTV & DVB-S/S2/S2X/DSS Handheld Meters

CALM Act and CC Closed Captioning Monitors

RF Spectrum Analyzers

Real Time RF Spectrum Analyzers

RF Power Sensors

RF Vector Network Analyzers

RF Recorders

Drive Test / Signal Coverage / Field Strength Meters

Handheld SDI / AES Generators & Analyzers (Coax & Optical)

12G SDI / 25G IP - SMPTE 2110-2059-2022-6 Generators & Analyzers

IP to ASI and ASI to IP Gateways

Rasterizers, Waveform & Picture Monitors

Video Testers, Generators and Convertors

MPEG-2 Transport Stream Analyzers & Monitors

24/7 Compliance Monitoring Systems

ATSC 8VSB, ATSC 3.0 & QAM RF Probes

ASI & HD-SDI Recorders & Players & Analyzers

HDMI Generators & Analyzers

FM Radio + RDS + HD-Radio Monitors

Aaronia, Alitronika, Avateq, Copper Mountain Technologies, Dektec, Enensys - TestTree, Gsertel Hexylon, LadyBug, Phabrix,

PROMAX, Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix - Telestream,

Sencore, Televes, Triveni Digital, Vela

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